The Veterans Day Essay Contest is sponsored by the Cherokee County Veterans Day Organization. The topic for the essay was “Our American Flag Stands For . . .”. The students at Limestone-Central Elementary have entered their essays, and we are very proud of the class winners, the school winner, and all the students that participated. Carrie Bowman’s essay will be entered into the county contest.

School Winner

Carrie Bowman – Mrs. Williams, 5th

Classroom Winners

Perseophone Timmins, Mrs. Morris, 3rd Grade
Bailey Jolly, Mrs. Steagall, 3rd Grade
Stefani Cabusora – Mrs. Wells, 3rd Grade

Zach Harper, Mrs. Fowler, 4th Grade
Kristin Hammett – Mrs. McGill, 4th Grade
Bobby Quinn, Mrs. Reynolds, 4th Grade

Sean Pressley – Mrs. Casey, 5th Grade
Carrie Bowman – Mrs. Williams, 5th Grade
Hunter Burgess – Mrs. Earls, 5th Grade