Welcome to another school year here at Draytonville. We especially want to welcome those families who are new to Draytonville. We are happy to meet you, and hope that you enjoy our school. You will find our teachers and staff to be friendly, helpful, and interested in helping each child become successful. It is important that everyone work together to help each child reach his full potential. Please contact your child’s teacher whenever you have questions, concerns, or suggestions ( 487-1240). We look forward to a successful year!




Draytonville Dolphin Gets a New Look

At the top right you will notice a new look for the Draytonville Dolphin. We are very excited to see "Drayton" emerge as our school's new mascot. In the near future, he will be featured in various locations modeling the characteristics we seek to instill in each student at Draytonville Elementary. We look forward to seeing more of Drayton around our building!

Mission Statement

The mission of Draytonville Elementary School, in partnership with family and community, is to provide first-class educational programs that ensure that all students acquire the skills needed to reach their maximum potential in an ever-changing world.

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